directed by Trey Parker

starring Trey Parker, Dian Bachar, Robyn Lynne

Orgazmo is the finest Super Hero Action Adventure Porno parody of 1998. Trey Parker has taken a potentially juvenile and silly concept and produced a highly sophisticated juvenile and silly film that hooks you from the opening music theme song to the delightfully shorter-than-average credits. A solid supporting cast carries Joe Young, the idealistic Mormon missionary, to Joe Hung, the avenging superhero Captain Orgazmo, along a tightly scripted and tightly edited path.

That path begins when Trey as Joe Young stumbles into a porno film being shot as he proselytizes for the Latter Day Saints. Not only an idealistic missionary, he also happens to be an excellent martial artist who apologizes profusely as he kicks fanny when the security guards try to chase him away. His kung fu lands him the role of Orgazmo, a super hero with an orgasm gun. It turns out his film sidekick Choda Boy, an MIT trained physicist who went into porno to meet girls, has built a real version of the gun.

When the film becomes a crossover hit, Tom’s fiancée discovers what he is doing. Joe tries to quit, but his slimy producer kidnaps his fiancée. Joe must become a real Captain Orgazmo to save her. Along the way snappy dialog and some of the most intellectual fart jokes ever filmed propel Tom from innocents to vinyl clad superhero. Check out his bimbo costar, whose breasts grow from scene to scene — “Are your breasts bigger?” “Why yes — I’ve just upgraded!” Don’t take your mom.

Tom’s is torn between his religious ideals and the desire to make enough money to wed his fiancée in the Mormon Temple. He rationalizes his values away to become a reluctant star, then returns to them to rescue his fiancée and a sushi chef. Pornography has become a positive force for society. In the final cathartic scene, Tom motivates Choda Boy to fight Hamster Style Kung Fu .The combination of his slick kicks and a weapon that induces instant orgasms brings justice to a vaguely corrupt world. Jesus gives him a big two thumbs up. So will you.

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