In-Ear Monitor System


AKG Acoustics is now delivering their IVM-1 In-Ear Monitoring System, which they claim is the most advanced in-ear monitoring system available anywhere and the first ever offered by the world’s leader in transducer technology. The AKG IVM-1 is the most advanced application to date of the AKG’s patented IVA™ Individual Virtual Acoustics technology, a binaural processing system that uses digital signal processing in a way similar to that which humans naturally hear with two ears. The IVA technology allows the user to add customized, individual earcurve parameters to the standard earcurves in the IVM-1, allowing both monitor engineers and performers to precisely control what is being heard. The system comes with four groups of 16-channel wireless operation, lockable controls on the base unit to prevent tampering, an LCD readout with dual-function LCD monitoring for both input signals, limiting and compression functions, front-panel headphone jack, and much more. AKG Acoustics, 1449 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN 37217

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