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The newest CD EP/seven inch from the emo darlings. Weird that their last Orlando show rocked the most yet, and that their new offering is the poppiest yet. Maybe one enabled the other. If you liked them before, odds are you’ll love this, provided you appreciate an expanded margin of pop. If you didn’t, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to talk shit. “Best Looking Boys” is essential, with “Tell Everyone We’re Dead” being pretty good, too. “American Girl” gets a bored yawn, though. It’s the extra track on the CD version, and it’s a total snooze. Pretty melodies, but they just seem to hang there in an atmospheric sort of way, not doing much for me. A let down after two strong tracks.

Both versions are a little pricey, but if you save by getting the vinyl, don’t feel like your missing out much. Jade Tree, 2310 Kennwynn Rd., Wilmington, DE 19810;

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