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Go Kart

Need your Lunachicks fix? Pick up this great live recording of a raw, violent punk show from last February in New York City. I reckon the place was packed tighter than a… Hmm… Looks like Theo (vox) was in her Nurse-uniform wearing mood (I’ve seen her on stage in a wedding dress, something that looked like a mermaid suit, and some sort of leopard skin outfit as well).

They play a good set of tunes mostly from their last two albums, Pretty Ugly and Jerk of All Trades. And while I dig songs like “The Day Squid’s Gerbil Died,” “Drop Dead,” “Spoilt,” and “Buttplug,” oh, play something from Binge and Purge and Babysitters on Acid!

Anyway, they belt out “FDS,” “Bitterness Barbie,” and cover Iggy’s “The Passenger” quite well, nothing to disappoint. Plus they play the first from what I hope will be a new album out soon, a song called “Crash.” Theo has this sort of evil I Love Lucy voice that spits venom out with every word, man, “Crash” is one of those slow, icy Lunachicks “hate” songs I hope ain’t directed at me the next time I see them… Great set, girls. Go Kart Records, P.O. Box 20, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012

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