The Starseeds

The Starseeds

Parallel Life

Millennium Records

Atmospheric and post-Portishead, Starseeds are a band ideal for a rainy day, when the cool wet air does a number on your mood. Production heavy; Haunting; ascendingly thematic; soundtrack-ish; occasionally Enigma-like (minus all the fat); Perhaps the heirs to the estate of Yello; Beat driven, trance-like tracks, featuring whispery vocals interlaced with airy, almost ambient instrumentals. I’ve had reoccurring prayers for something to fill voids left by the dismantling of My Bloody Valentine. Bands like Starseeds and Furry Things have done wonders in the past few years, opening ears and minds to the sincerity of their artistic intent. Millennium Records, 7 West 22nd Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10010;

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