#3 – Easter 1998

Slightly-mean-spirited Xeroxed-n-stapled ‘zine devoted to sharing the lives of a couple of NYC girls and their friends. Topics of discussion include pornography, tampons, telephone operators, New York City Firemen, and brief conversations with electronic musicians. There’s lots of imagery about females masturbating, too. And plenty of original poetry. After reading through it, I came to the conclusion that I have met those responsible at various record company shindigs, as there are too many mentions of people I know from various record companies… Reading further, it seems that this is the product of college-educated Americans. What am I supposed to say? Granted, “I” am not the “target demographic” of this ‘zine, but is there any value in taping together and photocopying notes on sex with one or the other boyfriend? Where is the compelling need to put this out? Shit! I ought to get paid just for breathing! The only reason I didn’t throw this away is because I am one of those people who simply does not throw anything away. But in this case, an exception might be made…

They have a web site,, which is mostly graphics with a few words here and there, I found it really annoying and boring. You can always write to them, though. Maybe they’ll send you a free copy. Vibers, 41 E. 19th, #A, NY, NY 10003. Vibers, 41 E. 19th, #A, New York, NY 10003

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