Kiss the Bunny


In Kiss the Bunny ‘s liner notes, Bickley acknowledges different catagories of people, including “Bands We Worship.” Amongst these bands are a number of bands I myself am really into, like Screeching Weasel, the Queers, the Vindictives, the Vandals, Swingin’ Utters, Jawbreaker, and facetoface. So I figured I might like Bickley’s music, despite the cover featuring a dirty, fat guy, pockets turned out, standing over a girl in pigtails, implying that she is “kissing the bunny.”

I was right; I liked the album. Fast, occassionally kind of poppy, but pretty good. There are even some really funny lyrics in some of the songs, like “William Lester Brown III” and “Bert and Ernie.” (I’d love to repeat them, but it would probably be safer not to. Imagine a song about the true nature of the Muppets’ relationship.) Anyway, I’d never heard of Bickley before, but I’ll be sure to look for more them in the future. Check them out, too.

Fearless Records, 13772 Goldenwest #545, Westminster, CA 92683

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