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Six Ways to Sunday

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I had a chance to see Six Ways to Sunday , the story of a naive young man, dominated by his mother (Debbie Harry), who becomes a kneecapper for the local Ohio mob. The reels were shown out of sequence, and I never got to see the end, but it was an interesting film, highlighted by an unusual soundtrack.

And here we are: snippets of dialog from the film, songs that range from classic rap remakes to the Barry Sisters’ Yiddish harmonizing, with a couple of Blondie/Debby Harry numbers thrown in for good measure. It’s a mixed bag, and unless your taste in music matches its diversity, you might find yourself skipping through a lot of the disc. Regardless, Schooly D’s remake of “Mr. Big Dick” (and Rabbit in the Moon’s remix of the same) are high points, as are the two Barry Sisters numbers (think the Lemon Sisters singing in Yiddish). Also worth noting: Theodore Shapiro’s clever touches of original film music. Quirky and enjoyable.

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