The New Rising Sons

The New Rising Sons

The New Rising Sons


Like the bending of light coming off a hot July road, the New Rising Sons waver in and out of the expected. “Monday’s Highs,” which could easily have ended up in heavy rotation amidst the rest of today’s heavy hitters, is marred by the creative addition of a brief trumpet line, which disqualifies from pop stardom by bringing a new idea to the table. Featuring ex-Texas is the Reason vocalist Garrett Klahn, the New Rising Sons power through four tracks that handily demonstrate their potential for full-blown greatness. The closing “Sharks and Comets” is a slower majestic number that features more trumpet and a wild vibrato. The Beatles would have been proud of you boys, and I hope you take that as a compliment.

GrapeOS, 332 Bleeker Street No. K42, New York, NY 10014;,/

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