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The Mulchmen

Greetings from Planet Stupider

Big Beef

Unless you are one of those twits who just cannot get their little minds around the concept of music with no lyrics, you will love this record. Calling it “surf” is grossly unfair to the Mulchmen, and would be misleading you, dear reader. This is the second CD I’ve gotten form this Midwestern instrumental trio, and they’ve both been smashing. The Mulchmen truly have something for everyone (well, with the exception of the aforementioned twits). They can be surfy, or do the semi-silly “spaceman rock” complete with theremin effects, but there’s so much more to the Mulchmen than that. They can rock out like Link Wray, add Brit Invasion touches to the next song, and throw in Middle Eastern flourishes on the next.

You need this record. Contact the label (address below) or go to their website at E-mail

Big Beef, P.O. Box 303 WBB, Dayton, OH 45409

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