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Monica’s Story

by James Kochalka

Alternative Press

So you’ve wanted to read about Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton, but you just couldn’t stand the thought of trudging through the Starr Report for a few juicy tidbits. Well, my lazy friend, this is your lucky day. The whole affair between our chief executive and his head intern is available in comic book form. With artwork by James Kochalka, Monica’s Story is taken from the Starr Report, and dramatizes the whole Lewinsky affair, from her thong flashing to how her dress got stained. It even answers the question if Clinton smoked the cigar! Having actually read the Starr Report, this Classics Illustrated version is close enough to fool your civics teacher on that report you’ve been putting off. If all of this wasn’t enough, proceeds from the comic sales go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. So raid your nearest comic shop, or contact the CBLDF at or Alternative Comics at

Alternative Press, 611 NW 34th Dr., Gainesville, FL 32607-2429

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