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Disembody: The New Flesh

Century Media

All similarities to other bands aside, Skinlab’s newest release is a great release on its own merits. Their Neurosis-Machine Head blend gives off the Machine Head heaviness but with more atmosphere. Where Machine Head smashes you upside the head like a “Ten Ton Hammer,” Skinlab’s assault is more akin to being swarmed by bees. Unfortunately, the Machine Head part of the sound is much too prominent and overwhelming, and with all their connections, both regionally and socially, to MH’s Rob Flynn, they are justifiably criticized for their lack of originality. Too bad, because with all the lack of inventiveness the riffs still crush and the drumming is hard and tight. The lyrics aren’t the most original or meaningful, and once in a while the band jumps into these lame hardcore-ish/punk parts that just bring the whole affair down a notch. If you enjoy Machinehead or Skinlab’s first release, then it’s definitely worth picking up, but if that whole heavy groove sound doesn’t get to you, or you think one Machine Head CD is enough for your collection, then don’t bother.

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