Shaken Snakes

Shaken Snakes

The Ride

Cauldron Style

Opening with the perfect song to listen to while on the Greyhound bus heading through empty states to nowhere in particular, Shaken Snakes create a melting mood that falls between beauty and pain. Which is a good thing, because I was worried that they were going to be another bad ska band. Can’t judge a band by their title. Something in the guitar and vocals makes me think of a twisted collaboration between Die Kreuzen and Das Damen, but I think that’s just me. Then the guitar sound hits the vocals from underneath, causing the whole band to spiral around in some Buffalo Tom induced hurricane, although heavier, catchier, and with better bass lines. Amazing in their ability to play intoxicating melodies without falling into the rut of becoming a cheezy pop band, but one wrong chord and they’re almost over the edge, and that would be the end of another strong band. Sometimes touching on this Codeine sound, if you played Codeine at the wrong speed, the guitar moves down slow. Twisting around you like an old lover, whispering in your ear, and causing you to lie awake at night remembering. Moody and touched inspiration, every song leaves me feeling like there’s just too much missing from my life.

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