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the divided body

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1. The Divided Body are from Tallahassee. 2. The Divided Body are not crap. In fact, they’re quite good. 3. The Divided Body is Robert Maseri and whomever he can round up for recording/live duties. I’m still getting over the shock of Number 1. Local band prejudice is so easy these days. Album opener “Early Warning System” soothes me right out of my anti-Tallahassee agitation with a prime bit of post-Codeine whisper rock. Now, although the Divided Body do recognize the value of saying (singing) things with a whisper rather than a shout and tend to take long detours down soundscape avenue, they still don’t fit in with the Low crowd. The divided body is much more bass-driven than those bands; bass-driven in the way that New Order was bass-driven, not as simply percussion but an organic and breathing sound. That said, they have an annoying tendency to jam, as evidenced by my least favorite track, “I’m leaving me down,” or “Away all my insides,” which comes dangerously close to the demon funk. Oh, what the hell, this is a new band, and as audio eulogies like “Circling for a landing” demonstrate, they are developing along quite nicely. Though they’re no Spyrex, they’ll do, for soundtracking late evenings when you’re lonely, lost, nervous, and anxious. I can see these guys on Kranky Records in a couple of years.

Animal World Recordings, 2205 Tanglewood Terrace, Tallahassee, FL 32303

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