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Dismal Euphony

All Little Devils (Nuclear Blast). Review by Nathan T. Birk

Dismal Euphony

All Little Devils

Nuclear Blast

Neo-classical melodies, gothic overtones, and prominent female vocals have been trendy touchstones in the black metal scene the last year or two, so in that sense, Dismal Euphony’s All Little Devils is a “trendy” black metal record. But in another sense, if more “trendy” black metal records were as well-executed and stylized as All Little Devils , perhaps we’d have a new movement of substantial import on our hands. On the musical front, Dismal Euphony blends progressive rhythmic measures unusual for the genre, guitars that function equally well melodically and rhythmically, and alternatingly somber/explosive keyboard lines that perpetually spiral downward. On the vocal front, a male and a female battle it out, Armageddon-style, with their demon whispers and falling angel wails, respectively. On the lyrical front, the band prefers the good ol’ fire ‘n’ brimstone approach, as evidenced by such song titles as “Days of Sodom,” “Rage of Fire,” and the title track. With all that in mind, add clean ‘n’ clear production, bucketfulls of polish, and grim, unholy conviction and execution, and you have a “modern” black metal record that doesn’t suffocate from its own pompous weight.

Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA 19106;

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