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The Make-Up

I Want Some


This collection of singles from the ever-single-lovin’ Make-Up gathers and crams 23 tracks into nearly 70 minutes – good thing they didn’t wait another hour, or they wouldn’t have been able to fit everything in one disc. As it is, this is at the same time too much and not enough of the band’s stripped-down blue-eyed soul. On tracks like “I Want Some,” the band sounds like a reincarnated Flamin’ Groovies, while others closely recall the Afghan Whigs’ early days. Still others sound eerily like regional FM hits – the ones you never know, cause it ain’t your town, but which everyone else in the area does. Because of the record’s anthologizing nature, the styles and directions are a bit more scattered than usual, but one thing holds everything together: the Make-Up will burn your house down.

K Records, P.O.Box 7154, Olympia, WA 98507

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