Lights of Euphoria

Lights of Euphoria



A friend of mine said to me, “Check out the new Lights Of Euphoria, they’re good now.” Well, I kinda thought I liked the last disc, Blood Brothers , and I assumed he was simply basing his statement on the fact that they had left Cleopatra Records (along with just about everyone else) and gotten themselves on the infamous, much-sought-after, Metropolis label.

After hearing Voices (the name of the disc, not real voices … not that night, anyhow), I must admit that my friend was right. This is a far superior release. Is it that Metropolis brings out the best in bands? It is hard-hitting, dance-friendly, electro-industry, with quicker beats, catchier tunes, and less growly vocals than on Blood Brothers . Nearly all the tracks are noteworthy, but “Sunday Drive” is bound to be a favorite, and ought to be in the clubs, if it ain’t. “In Love With the Night”, the terrific opening track is given a thorough once over by Funker Vogt near the end of the disc. It truly is a sophomore triumph. The question for the month is, “when will Metropolis release something that really sucks?”

Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105;

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