No Innocent Victim

No Innocent Victim

Flesh and Blood


In a time when ‘the kids” have siphoned all the metal out of Earth Crisis and vainly call it “hardcore,” and when straight-edge orthodoxy can alienate just about anyone with a cursory interest in true hardcore, it’s no small feat to witness an album like No Innocent Victim’s Flesh and Blood . Sure, the band’s all tattooed up and seems quite fond of high jumps, but No Innocent Victim holds all the prerequisites for pummel-your-ass hardcore: all-around chops, memorable songwriting, killer breakdowns, choruses to shake your fist to, acutely grunted drill sergeant vocals, mid- to fast-paced tempos that would make for a great jogging soundtrack, and uber-metallic ’90s production. Best of all, with the 12-song album spanning only 24 minutes, they make their point quickly and directly. Groundbreaking by no means, but for those individuals who miss the days of Victim in Pain and Blood, Sweat, and No Tears, No Innocent Victim is your modern-day savior.

Victory Records, P.O. Box 146546, Chicago, IL 60614;

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