Northern Exposure III

Northern Exposure III

Mixed by: Sasha and Digweed


Hello world, Northern Exposure III has landed!! Sasha and Digweed have pulled it off again, bigger and better than ever before. There are so many progressive trance CDs coming out nowadays, like the Global Underground and Renaissance, along with the Nick Warren stuff, that you can easily go broke purchasing all these. The most bang for the buck, even though it is probably more expensive then the rest, is the Northern Exposure . For one, it is digitally mixed, which basically means they compile it and mix it all in the digital domain, which passes the sound quality down to us, the consumer. How thoughtful! Second is the choice of tracks. They will warm you, then, a second later, give you chills down the edge of your spine. Sounds swirl that have never been heard on earth before, leads drive right ino the center of your skull, vocals move and gate in and out of your cerebrum, mimicking a long overdue orgasm. If you have ever enjoyed listening to a Sasha and Digweed mix, then you will definitely be impressed, not just satisfied. Order yours today! Spend the loot or get the boot.

Sony Music, 550 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022

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