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Profane Groove

21st Circuitry

This disc has got to be one of the most impressive debuts in hard-electro history. Surely this has something to do with the fact that the genius behind one of industrial music’s finest bands, X-Marks the Pedwalk’s Sevren Ni-Arb (go ahead, spell it backwards if you don’t already know), produced the disc. Or perhaps Shunt is just so impressive that they caught Ni-Arb’s eye. Either way, I’m sure the disc benefited from the experience. Sevren Ni-Arb’s Midas Touch along with Jonathan Sharp’s (New Mind) ingenuity brought us last years incomparable Hyperdex-1-Sect. Shunt manage to somehow frantically fly along at 200 mph, keep the hooks catchy, the groove stable, and effectively merge guitars with heavy electronics. That itself is a feat which is rarely achieved.

This disc will overload your head. Be cautious when driving a motor vehicle and listening to Shunt, as you may find yourself zipping along at top speed. The disc kicks off with the incredible “White Skin,” after a couple more searing tracks they allow us a break with the instrumental “Take Off,” which somehow successfully uses the most blatant samples from The Crow . Then off we go again, no more rest stops till the trip is over. This rollercoaster of a disc is a definite must have. Highly recommended. How will they top this? Buckle up.

21st Circuitry, P.O. Box 170100, San Francisco, CA 94117;

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