The Emo Diaries Chapter Three

The Emo Diaries Chapter Three

The Moment of Truth

Deep Elm

The past chapters in this series have given us quite a few great songs from bands falling under the vague emo umbrella. This one doesn’t hold up as well. Listening through the fourteen tracks, I came to a realization that most of the songs I thought were good were actually just not as bad as the others. “Not as bad” doesn’t necessarily equal “good.” When I separated the songs I thought I liked from the rest of the comp and tried to listen to them here and there by themselves, they consistently made me want to push stop and eject. The bands with tracks that stood out for me were Schema, Speedwell, and Biblical Proof of UFOs. I’d rather not go into a blow by blow of what I didn’t care for with the other eleven bands; suffice to say I just don’t find much on here that makes me want to listen to this again.

I’m disappointed. The series has gained some notoriety and recognition with the past two volumes — I hope the next chapter gives us more reasons to take notice.

Deep Elm Records, P.O. Box 1965, New York, NY 10156

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