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Dark Illumination



I think, my devoted fans of industrial music, you will find that I have almost nothing bad to say about the discs I’m reviewing this month. It has been a surprisingly good couple of weeks.

Although they’re one of the lesser-known bands on Metropolis, I happen to like Dark Illumination. Their previous release, Realize the Error , was reminiscent of mid-period Haujobb (“Solutions For A Small Planet”). The new disc, Pathfinder , is beatier, bassier, and better. (Bassier?) It is more slicked-up and well-packaged, sonically speaking. This time around, the Deutschland Duo take us on a cosmos-themed aural space ride filled with NASA transmission samples and the like. Highlight tracks include “Feel Free Feel Save,” “Cage Existance,” and the title track. “Atomkrieg” is the only track done in German. “The Fourth Dimension” is a wonderfully trippy spaced-out instrumental. Try ‘em, you’ll like ‘em.

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