Wired for Duh!

Wired for Duh!


The Mother of all Stupidity Web Resources! Includes the full text of Understanding Stupidity, by James F. Welles, Ph. D. An excerpt:

To the extent that Western Civilization is a distinctly identifiable historical adventure, its origins are discernable in and associated with the rise of ancient Greece. As Greek culture developed and flourished, it became clear to all that an excess of power led to a comparable amount of stupidity. After first presenting his vision of the philosopher-kings in The Republic , Plato had his doubts and concluded that laws were the only safeguard against abuses of power. Too much power concentrated anywhere is simply too dangerous, as it invariably leads to injustice. Arbitrary power was recognized as an inducement to stupidity which in turn undermined the effectiveness of power. Stupidity could thus be seen as a check on excessive power, rendering it counter-productive as it became unjust.


The Stupid Zoo! See stupidity on exhibit! They have t-shirts! It even won a “Slack Website of the Week” award!


Apparently, this is the Stupidest Web Page. An excellent source of web stupidity, links and more! Fill out their Stupidity Questionnaire! (For example: Do you have a flying cat? Y or N?)


Welcome to Duckville! Stupidity and a link to the Jolt Cola home page!


The Power of Stupidity! By Giancarlo Livraghi. Intensely critical essay of stupidity in man’s history.


Want to know more about stupidly? Check out the FAQ!


Frog 51’s stupidity page! Good essays and a link to the dancing hamsters!


Stupid America Electronic Magazine! An entire magazine devoted to stupidity! From their preamble:

“I believe that every American has the right to be stupid. However, businesses, organizations, and even our government do not have this right. Their decisions affect many, many individuals. It is upon this soapbox that I denounce their stupidity!”


CONCERNED CITIZENS AGAINST RAMPANT STUPIDITY. Militant anti-stupidity organization. They mean business, too!


Oooh, boy! Another winner! This one’s a showcase of computer software interface stupidity. “Despite remarkable advances in technology, many computer applications still appear to have the I.Q. of a toaster. Many computer applications interrupt the user with silly questions, require the user to explicitly specify obvious selections, fail to remember even the simplest of things, and make inane, unnecessary statements.”


I understand that “portals” are all the rage in webland… One of the best “Brain Trust” sites around.


Nevwyn’s Salute To Stupidity!

“Here we are with more sterling examples of those who leaped into the gene pool while the life-guard wasn’t looking.”


Ask Dr. Stupid. Need answers? Well, free advice is just what it’s worth!


The Official home of the Darwin Awards. “In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives. Darwin Award winners eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species’ chances of long-term survival.”


The Britano-Viking connection:

“The British Things of Stupidity Association presents……in association with the country soon to be dominating the world, and the greatest country in the world, Sweden!”


“Welcome to the Crusade against Stupidity!!!!” Fight the power!


The Web Guide to Beavis and Butthead .

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