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Andre Williams and the Sadies

Red Dirt


“Pardon Me (I’ve Got Someone to Kill),” “My Sister Stole My Woman,” “She’s a Bag of Potato Chips” – with titles like these, do ya really need a review? Hell no. This disc is full up with greasy, twangy blues-punk, delivered by the master of disaster, Andre Williams. This man just might be nuts – this record would be a “get of jail free card” if he ever finds himself in the dock. Williams has an urgent, get nasty way of singing, and the Sadies (Neko Case’s stable of stallions) are with him every bumpin’, grinding, burning-whiskey-down-a-cheatin’- man’s-throat moment. This record is worth it just for his version of the country freakout “Psycho,” alone. Next time you’re headin’ for blind drunk and feeling rowdy, crank this baby up – it’ll knock that old wax off your butt in no time.

Bloodshot Records, 912 W. Addison St., Chicago, IL 60613;

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