I’ve been going on and on lately about Tinman Records, and Cydonia is the latest from this great new label. I like the disc, but I think, in a sense, it’s my first disappointment with Tinman. I think I was expecting way too much. The disc really is well done. It’s just that at times it suffers from repetitiveness, overly death-metally vocals, and somewhat silly sounding refrains. A perfect example would be the first track, “Abyss.” Based on this track alone, I would not be purchasing this disc. But if I were to hear “Sacred” or “Threads” first, I would pick it right up. I think that this may be one of those ones that grow on you, like fungi. I’m divided about the disc for the moment. If your local independent music store provides a listening station, like it should, give it a listen, then write us what you think.

Tinman Records, P.O. Box 1114, New Brunswick, NJ 08903,

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