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If you’re looking for the original church-burning Norwegian death metal, you’re looking in the right place, wrong album.

Yes, Burzum is the Burzum of Mayhem and “Lords of Chaos” fame. However, what kind of trip he’s on, I have no idea. This is a full album of minimalist “goth” (?) electronic organ music. It’s all totally haunting and, without question, loaded with evil. Strangely, though, the song titles, like “Der Tod Wuotans” and “Die Kraft des Mitgefühls” aren’t in Norwegian, is that German? Looks like it to me.

I don’t understand the “new” direction at all. It’s almost as though the traditional black metal bloodlust was left in jail and what’s now more important is these creepy paeans to Nordic pagan deities, if that’s what they are.

Regardless, there’s a tremendous amount of evil in the album, which should give some of you a satisfactory “fix.” Looking at his web site, Burzum not only wants society to know it is hated, but that he’s doing something to change things to his liking, hence this high-concept album. Many a surprise in here, I’m sure.

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