Business Plan

Business Plan

I have a talent management company in South Florida. I just manage teenagers. We don’t sell anything or charge any fees other than 10% commissions. I have a great female singing group (like in the Bewitched style) that has been working for a year here doing parties and shows. Any advice to give me about moving them along? They are all 15-18, very cute and can really sing.


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James Mann replies: We are honored to be included in your “scattershot” marketing method! It certainly sounds as if you have a crew on your hands. We have three suggestions as to possible paths for your young ladies:

1) Move the group to Seattle or L.A, clad them in cutoff shorts with leggings or baby doll dresses and teach them copious amounts of profanity. With Bikini Kill and L7 on the wane, the time is right for a new “GRRRL” group. Make up an agenda on the plane — nothing too fancy, perhaps “FLA Chicks Kick Ass,” something that looks catchy on a bumper sticker. Make sure all the girls are pierced and tattooed.

2) If they are real “cute,” as you describe, do a web search on “young” + “girls” + “Singapore”. I believe you will find many establishments that cater to young, attractive femmes, and that will be willing to fly them to the Far East for an “audition.”

3) As a last resort, books. Purchase them books (and tutors, if they are unaware of the use of said items). Teach them to think on their own, and the value of new ideas. The world will continue to rotate without another “Bewitched” type group. While in the short term, your commissions will be less, in the end (and we mean Pearly Gates kinda end), you will profit for it.

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