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Good Old Ogden Nash had lots to say about growing old, in his poems “Lines on Facing Forty,” “Come on in, the Senility is Fine,” and, um, darn! – there’s one about turning 30 that I keep promising to send to Ian, but I can’t remember the name! Argh! I must be getting old! How can that be?! I still listen to punk rock! Those of you who’ve followed us over the years look back, as this decade ends and ponder this: Ink Nineteen was started by a 22-year old kid. Now that 22 year-old kid is 30, and has two kids of his own! The Features Editor started out as a 28-year old professional student, yet today is a 36-year old professional child! There’s no way to avoid the inevitable, no matter how much you keep up with new music…



Walking the World – for $2,000 you can take walking tours all over the United States! And guess what? Everyone around you will be 50 years old or older! What fun! I wonder what kind of music a 50-year old would be listening to? Iggy Pop is past 50… Imagine Iggy and your grandmother walking the Grand Canyon…


old lloyd’s homepage – Ramblings of an Older Gentleman

Old Lloyd has a lot to say for a man who’s “…65 years young… 6 feet 5 inches tall, weigh 255 pounds, have light blue eyes, and, as you can see, bald. I was born and raised in Kansas. I’m a retired electrical engineer. In pursuit of my career, I’ve lived in Titusville, Florida, near Los Angeles, California; Huntsville, Alabama; St Louis, Missouri and for the last 32 years in Rockville, Maryland. Before I retired I was fortunate to have a steady job continuously since the age of 12. For 48 years I worked for someone else. Now that I’m retired, I don’t have a boss (except for my wife). Life is great!” An amazing site from an amazing man!


What’s up with the kids these days and their music? Man, more than twenty years ago – a generation – punk rock exploded! Here’s what this Finnish site has to say about it: “Some people call it old school punk, some people say original punk, some people say ‘77 punk and some people call part of it new wave or power pop. I call it PUNK and that’s what this is all about!” A great homage to a movement in music started by people who are all pushing fifty (or higher) today.


“One Foot In The Grave is an unusual and presumably the only punk-rock band from the retirement community of Sun City, Arizona, USA. With an average age of sixty-something, JoDina (vocals and licensed embalming, 57), Gavan Wieser (bass, 55), Bob “Spike” Williams (guitar, 59), Lowell Ebert (guitar, 79) and Dave Cook (drums, 64) brew their own concoction of Geritol and punk. Their repertoire features such geriatric originals as “Menopause”, “Sun City Rocks,” and “Golf Cart Drivers From Hell,” as well as covers of youngster bands like the Ramones, Violent Femmes and Green Day.” I shit you not! Check them out!


“Billed as the youngest punk band in the world, these noisy Wisconsin tykes (two Toulon brothers and a non-fraternal drummer whose dad is in the Tar Babies) make a godawful calamity on Get Outta School , screaming and ripping through fifteen semi-coherent noisefests that are amusingly bad but still hard to believe as the work of nine-year-olds. With daddy Toulon (who has some connection to Missing Foundation) co-producing, these precocious skate-rockers switch from dead serious (“Homeless,” “AIDS”) to silly (“Hot Dog Hell”) in a flash, sounding like nothing so much as a pre-teen birthday party spiked with Jolt cola and amplifiers.”


The Old Folks Home – Geezers From Hell

Includes The Outhouse – “A private meeting place for the chronologically challenged.” Sponsored by Depends, Preparation H, and other brands consumed by your elders…


“Old Men Were Young Once, Too – or, how I rediscovered youth, health and sex through bdsm at age 68. I am almost 70 years old, an English colonialist who has lived in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and finally Australia.” NO COMMENT!


America’s Greatest Poet, Ogden Nash, talks to a girl who’s getting “old.” Plus more!


Growing Old Disgracefully, New Ideas for Getting the Most Out of Life by THE HEN CO-OP

“You are never too old to live life with self-esteem and playfulness, say the authors of Growing Old Disgracefully . Written by six women between the ages of 60 and 75, this book challenges stereotypes and suggests ways to make life at any age more joyous and creative.”


alt.kids-talk (akt) home page

“Growing old is mandatory. /Growing up is optional.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, speaking as a case of arrested development…


The Diary of a Young Man Growing Old: A Baby Boomer’s Thoughts at Middle Age. by Robert D. Fry

Learn about Robert D. Fry, a “right-brained” CPA who makes his home in the Houston, Texas bedroom community of Kingwood, received his Master’s in Accounting from the University of Texas and his Doctorate in Life from his wife and children. His engaging Diary of a Young Man Growing Old speaks to most every man who came through the sixties on the way to fatherhood. This eclectic collection of letters to his church minister is “a humorous yet sensitive view of modern family life which will warm the hearts of men and women alike.” You were warned…


You don’t want to grow old? Is aging a disease? Find out from the Anti-Aging Newsletter! ◼

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