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Black Sails in the Sunset


Sam Kinison didn’t die. He faked his own death so he could be free of the harsh comedic limelight, and is now fronting a hard core punk band in Cali.

Okay, so maybe he didn’t. But without looking at the libretto, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t ol’ Sam torturedly bleating his way through an otherwise unremarkable CD. Singer Davey Havok sounds like he’s trying to pass kidney stones.

The tracks are guitar and drum driven shout-alongs, never veering beyond the formulaic path laid by the previous song. The libretto is particularly useful, since it CAPITALIZES ALL THE SHOUTED LYRICS. Somehow, I think I could have figured that out by myself, but it’s good to know AFI is looking out for me. Some songs are catchy enough that you might find yourself singing – er, shouting along, but only until you realize that if Davey Havok were in the room with you, you’d probably smack him for being such a whiny bitch. Adding to the high-pitched wailing on some tracks is the Offspring’s own Dexter Holland. You’d probably want to smack him, too, just for GP’s. Jumping on the Irritating Trend bandwagon, there is a “hidden track” at the end of the CD. A good 10 minutes after the last song, SURPRISE! DAVEY IS SHRIEKING AT YOU AGAIN. Like once wasn’t enough.

Nitro Records, 7071 Warner Ave., Suite F-736, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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