The Going Away Present

Punk in My Vitamins?

Lowercase has always been a dejected, neurotic bunch, perpetually similar to Hammerhead and early Unwound, but minus bass guitar. Now a trio (still no bass), Lowercase has hit the depths of manic depression on The Going Away Present , often softening its typical frenzy to something of the monochromatic pallor of the Cure’s Faith . At other times the band stumbles along like a shambolic version of Slint’s Spiderland , thankfully sidestepping the structural tension and subsequent catharsis that record blueprinted for an entire generation of sensitive pussies. In either case, Lowercase has begun to assert a name for itself, still unoriginal but nonetheless well executed and capable of a broader reach. Likewise, the band can still tap its energy vein of the past but, this time around, at less predictable moments and with varying degrees of volume; still remember: glum’s the word. A non-black metal winter’s day record if there ever was one, The Going Away Present is the sound of a still-young band with a few good ideas finally grown comfortable in its pale, white skin.

Punk In My Vitamins?, P.O. Box 2283, Olympia, WA 98507

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