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Nothingface sound just like you’d expect. Faceless 90’s-style metal along the lines of Sevendust or Godsmack. At least they’ve ditched the Korn shtick they were into in their first album, Pacifier . Vocalist Matt Holt sounds nothing like Jonathan Davis this time around, and does all the required gruff vocals and some nice multilayered clean singing that sounds reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots. Which is nice, but the whole scream, sing, and back again idea has been beaten to death by every band in town. The band does the same ole, same ole: the guitars go chugga chugga, the drums seem to follow along, end of story. Nothing really too special, but somehow sounds a tad more genuine than anything else of the type you hear around.

Mayhem Records, 303 Winding Road, Old Bethpage, NY 11804

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