The Brighter Shore

Sealed Fate

Yet another brilliant effort from Sleepyhead, one of the few bands left who can carry an indie rock torch without making it seem like a guttering antiquated flame. From the seesawing “do-do-do” background chorus of “Song for the Pied Piper” to the oddly stilted “Big Fat Cigar” and its hilariously spiteful lyrics, The Brighter Shore forms a collection of songs that handily demonstrate that everything is yet to be done with guitar, drums bass and voices. As you hum along with Chris O’Rourke’s raspy vocals or Rachel McNally’s bell-like tones, you might pick up on Sleepyhead’s lyrical knockout — “Won’t you make your momma cry/ when I’m singing our baby a lullaby?/ Just to see Sissy shake her head/ I’d gladly give up my indie cred/ And won’t that make your Daddy scream/ When he sees all you’re wearing is a limousine?” Another sparkling crown jewel from Sealed Fate.

Sealed Fate, P.O. Box 9183 #120, Cambridge, MA 02139

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