The Hellacopters

The Hellacopters

Grande Rock

Sub Pop

There are few bands these days that can lay a rightful claim to the genre “rock.” Yet one will find the Hellacopters fit the bill nicely.

Until now, most exposure to the ‘Copters was via 7″, imports, and the like. Too bad, because here is a band that screams to be heard from across the Atlantic, but it’s taken nearly five years for them to finally blaze their trail of guitar-based hellfire to our awaiting shores

Although their homeland of Sweden, known for metal-icons and ABBA, may not seem like the birthplace for such sonic mayhem, think again. Many Euro-bands have evolved so well due to their study and appreciation for music from the past that was GOOD! Novel concept, but with so much uninspired drivel being milled out these days, its easy to appreciate bands that are “students of the art.” These guys have generated a sound long since past — think KISS with Iggy Pop on vocals.

They pay homage to their forefather on “Paul Stanley,” with vocals reminiscent of its namesake. “Alright Already” and “Electric Index Eel” represent other gems that smell of burnt guitar strings, which, like most of the tracks on Grande Rock, features wide-open spaces for guitar solos to roam. I was about to have a hideous eighties relapse when I thought “Welcome to Hell” might be a cover of the forgetful lads Grim Reaper, nay I was comforted when it was a Hellacopter original — rock’in its way to the dark side. If sweaty, loud, garage rock cranked to the hilt is your bag, The Hellacopters have landed!

There’s not a whole lot left to say, ‘cept you better get your hands on this one (or any other ‘Copter material), and fast! You are in for true R-O-C-K in the U-S-A (made in Sweden). If that’s not enough, The Hellacopters are hitting the road in late August with the Supersuckers, having just completed a tour with Fu Manchu. Oh my God, the thought of seeing either of these shows has my teeth clenching and fists pounding in a hyperactive frenzy — Rock on…

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