“Metalheads Against Alternative(http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Arena/6200/MAAM.html)”

If that doesn’t say all… “Welcome to the beginning of the end for what you call Alternative Music. …I want to put and end to the trash that is being shoved down our throats by television and radio. …I am open to anything that will take down the reign of the Alterna-freaks and put Heavy Metal back on top of the music world where it belongs.”

“Metal Sludge Magazine(http://www.metal-sludge.com/)”

If you’re looking for all the dirt on the rockers, including who wears a wig, bedroom prowess, rehab failures, etc. this is the place. There’s plenty of timely news, too. (Thanks, Gail for turning us on to this site!)

“Furioser and Furioser(http://www.furious-george.com/)”

The continuing saga of Furious George the Punk Rock band vs. Curious George the Commodity. A lone DIY Punk Rocker’s fight against Corporate America: “On April 15, 1998, Furious George were on Court TV!! The 1/2 hour show Pros and Cons featured a spotlight on the current lawsuit concerning the name Furious George.”


Insider’s guide to all the local/underground music scenes across the globe: “So what’s your scene *really* like? Tell us about your favorite clubs, cool places to buy records, and other places to check out.” An excellent resource.

“Oh, Canada!(http://www.mia.nf.ca/)”

How’s it going musically, eh? A great place to start if you’re trying to break into the Great White North’s music scene. “The Music Industry Association was formed to promote, encourage and develop the music from Newfoundland & Labrador, in all its forms, whether written, recorded or in live performance.”


“Putting You Inside the Gospel Music Industry” Want to know what’s up in the intriguing world of Gospel Music? This is the place for well-informed opinions/essays, news, historical info, dirt and more!

“Intro to the Polish Music Industry(http://www.inter.com.pl/warsaw/w02-13.htm)”

How’s this for a budding Punk Rock movement: “The Polish music scene was formerly dominated by the state concern Polskie Nagrania, which did not take much interest in western pop and rock music. It concentrated on promoting domestic artists and classical music, offering also a modest collection of jazz. The resulting gap was soon filled by both emerging record companies and the spreading piracy that offered bootleg pop and rock tapes and CDs. It was the piracy that took full advantage of the missing legal regulations and took over the market in its early stages.”

“Who’s Who in Hong Kong Music(http://is6.pacific.net.hk/~rayc/musicind.html)”

Everything you need to know about the HK music biz. It’s all here!

“Official Moby Grape Home Page(http://www.mobygrape.com/)”

Before the “industry” did unto Nirvana there was Moby Grape! Learn the ugly truth about the late Skip Spence and Co. and how a great band was destroyed by the worst elements in the business.

“PUNK DIARY 1970-1979(http://www.nstar.net/RGP/PUNK_DIARY.html)”

“The ultimate resource book for the UK punk scene in the ’70s.” Need to learn/set the record straight? Come here!

“Musical Greenpeace(http://www.mihra.org/2k/)”

Music Industry Human Rights Association: “The global music industry is basically a ‘cottage’ industry with massive human resource facilities. It is in the firm grip of 6 publishing and recording conglomerates, a few conduit collecting organisations and a national union. For an individual it could be seen as a small pond filled with large sharks. An enormous number of younger musician composers gamble with their lives and work hard to construct a creative career, the odds are heavily stacked against them, sooner or later, unless changes in eco legislation are rapidly forthcoming, the cartel will inevitably cast them aside.”

“Ultimate List Of Music Links(http://www.younameit.com.au/mil/)”

That is, in Australia, land of AC/DC, Olivia Newton-John, and Bloodduster.

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