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The Mountain Goats

Protein Source of the Future… Now!


John Darnielle, the solitary voice from the woods that constitutes The Mountain Goats, shares a lot of traits with seasoned and respected loner Roky Erickson. Darnielle’s compositions (especially on this collection of odds and ends) are nothing more than his voice singing into the condenser mic, with just a strummed guitar or deftly plucked melody behind him. Occasionally, it sounds like someone’s beating on pots and pans, or a Casiotone is borrowed. But overall, Darnielle’s message comes through loud and clear, even if it is “What’s with all the Portuguese Water Dogs?” This makes soul-searching of the Palace projects sound glossy and pretentious – approach with caution.

Ajax Records, P.O. Box 805293, Chicago, IL 60680

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