Adam Daniel

Adam Daniel

Blue Pop

APG/Electric Kingdom

Blue Pop , a collection primarily consisting of clever and bluntly situational love songs, kicks off with what has thus far easily taken this year’s title for Best Breakup Song. “Breaking Up,” which leads none astray with its not-too-mysterious title, is held together by the catchiest odd-sounding keyboard riff I’ve ever encountered. A pop song narrated by Daniel’s sensitive-boy vocals, the tune is far from sulking in its own sorrow. Instead, the approach is to show just what the his former significant other would be missing, like “I’ve got a lot of clothes that you’re never going to see me in/ If you’re never going to see me again/ Like you said you wouldn’t ever.”

Daniel, who wrote every song and plays nearly every instrument on the entire album, either went through an incredible amount of recent heartache or is the king of storytelling. For past all his poppy tunes that range from quirky and upbeat to more mellow and stripped-down balladesque, this guy’s put together more was-love songs than ever before. It’s almost as if he’s trying to make you cry.

But the way these lyrics are presented is just too thoughtful to be passed off as overly sappy, and the craftsmanship that went into putting together these fine pop songs is more than well appreciated. Make no mistake about it, though, when Adam Daniel called this album Blue Pop , he meant it.

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