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Shannon Wright



I was sitting at a traffic light in Tallahassee, listening to the campus radio station, when I heard an entire side of the album Dreamette by Crowsdell. I was blown away. Crowsdell is no longer but the former singer, Shannon Wright, is back with a new disc that is greater that her previous work. The music, loosely resting in the singer-songwriter niche, is gorgeous. It centers on Ms. Wright although a full band and even a cello accompanies her from time to time. The opening track, “Floor Pile,” moves from a solo acoustic guitar, to her being accompanied by the band and cello. Another great track is “You’re the Cup,” that begins with a Wurlitzer solo before narrating the breakup of a relationship. All in all, this is an evocative and haunting disc. One of the finest releases this year.

Quarterstick, P.O. Box 25342, Chicago, IL 60625

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