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Def Leppard



I believe 1999 is supposed to be the year of comeback for the pop-rockers and hair bands that were popular in the late eighties. Poison, Ratt, and L.A. Guns are touring, and many others are back to writing new material for release. I suppose, Def Leppard’s new album, Euphoria , is in a similar vein as they try one more time to attain stardom, after their unsuccessful attempt with Slang in 1996. Def Leppard chose the then trendy “sludgy” tone for Slang , which rather proved to be a flop. So, seemingly, they revert to their Eighties formula of hooky pop metal produced to perfection, that sold millions, for Euphoria . With Mutt Lange (who produced mega-hits like Hysteria for Def Leppard) back as producer for parts of this album, songs like “Demolition Man” and “Promises” are very reminiscent of their popular days, but this is not quite Pyromania or Hysteria . Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen shine on this album (as usual) with some killer guitar riffs and solos (that exhort you to pick up your guitar and learn them — if you’re keen on guitars, that is.) “Disintegrate,” the instrumental (perhaps the first one to make it to a Def Leppard studio album) is neat. “Promises” and “All Night” are bound to hit big.

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