Glen Scott

Glen Scott

Without Vertigo


With Jamaican roots and a European Pentecostal upbringing, Glen Scott sharpened his teeth at his daddy’s church covering Bob Marley gospels with revamped messages. Scott soon learned the magic of the Hammond organ and thus began a musical journey that has resulted in Without Vertigo . His suburban London life is simplistic in its narrative form and easily dismissed for the lure of the Big Beat. However, Scott playfully sings his life with the likeness of a drunken kitten high on the nip. Acoustic guitars and programmed rhythms duel each other while Scott’s soulful voice threads its way through each tale. “Heaven and Easy” exemplifies Scott’s casual nature while “Wet Supermodel” shows a keen sense of humor. We’ve seen other singer/songwriters before him and we’ll see others after him. Hopefully, in the now, Glen Scott will create other honestly contagious music.

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