Immaculate Rejection

Immaculate Rejection

First Communion

This 8-song CD (or tape) was produced by quartet Immaculate Rejection and recorded on the Phoenix Rising Organic Farm in the Greater Bethel Recording Studio. If memory serves, the latter is an abandoned bus with a 4-track in it.

If all this sounds more than a little hippyish, well, it is. But IR isn’t content to do groove-oriented hippyrock (if they were, I wouldn’t be writing this). Rather, this stuff is about equal parts hard rock and prog rock (they cover a Hawkwind song), with a good bit of punk, metal, and even world music thrown in. With male-female vocal trade-offs. And probably some mushroom tea. Definitely worth checking out (you can hear some on the “Gainesville music” page at

Immaculate Rejection, 15624 NW C.R. 236, Alachua, FL, 32615;,

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