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Denison Marrs

Holding Hands (@ 35,000 ft.)


A grand construction of fuzz and bell tones, Holding Hands brings out the shy bookishness of a lot of this “emo” stuff I’ve been hearing about and puts it stage center, shining a bright light on it. By utilizing carefully discordant guitar riffs with larger-than-life distortion, and meticulous changes with catchy song structures, Denison Marrs successfully bridges the gap between what sounds good coming out the radio and what indie rock has really been all about these last couple of years. Sure, most emo kids (or whatever the genre is called now) will hate this “perversion” with a passion – while Denison Marrs can shift tempo gears with the best of them, it’s undeniable that they possess the same sense for dramatic hooks as many of the heavier radio gods of the day. I’d still take a talented and original Denison Marrs over a boring and repetitive Collective Soul.

6×6 Records, PO Box 6443, Edmond, OK 73013;

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