Fine Girl EP

Fueled By Ramen

Despite what staunch, if not dubious, music journalism standards may dictate, sometimes it’s more plausible to critique solely on form instead of content. Case in point: Limp’s Fine Girl EP. Sure, there’s a slew of bands flying the Epi-fat flag of genericism, but that doesn’t make Limp’s stake in rollerblading soundtrack supremacy any more legitimate. Whiney lyrics, wheezy vocals, “emotional” breakdowns, sunny-side-up melodies, and a whiff of ska(nkiness): yep, all the elements for a Warped Tour appear in spades. No hyper-polka beats here, however, so maybe Fine Girl is more conducive to aerobic rollerblade-training than “extreme” pansying. Basically, another example of why a Brady Bill should be imposed for buying musical instruments – well, at least in California.

Fueled By Ramen,

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