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Honky Toast

Whatcha Gonna Do Honky?


Major identity crisis goin’ on here: When it’s not buttfucking warmed-over funk replete with more juvenilia than Beavis and Butthead , Honky Toast is busy giving Black Crowes a run for their money in the Stones-ass-patting game, actually sounding much closer to Cinderella(!) than anything, but still ass-patting, mind you.

Fortunately, though, those ill-advised funk moments are drop-kicked by the first quarter of Whatcha Gonna Do Honky? , so the real Honky Toast does, indeed, come out of the closet, still slobbering juvenilia all over the place, as evidenced by “Hair in My Teeth Again,” “I Wanna Be on Welfare,” and, of course, the title track. A certain naïve, punked-up fervor allows such piss puddles to go unnoticed, but, really, don’t listen too closely. If major labels think records such as Whatcha Gonna Do Honky? are going to reinstate Headbanger’s Ball and thereby germinate another white, middle-class youth explosion of en masse music consumption, they’d better do a lot more thinking than this.

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