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The Drover’s Old Time Medicine Show

Melissa’s Waltz

Hymn 15

Something’s always attracted me to bluegrass and mountain music. I think it stems from memories of people congregating at my uncle’s small town service garage around lunchtime to sit and pick at banjos and guitars. All work would stop and the music would flow for a while. My dad was known to pick up the acoustic guitar and dulcimer and play some folk songs every now and then, too, but mostly this reminds me of my uncle. The town has gotten bigger nowadays, as towns will with time, and his garage has become too busy to take an hour off for pickin’, but visits to his house inevitably have him breaking out the guitar, which has his son following suit, someone else picking up the violin, all amidst the sound of youngsters playing in the pool and people laughing, talking, cooking…

This has that same kind of energy and honest playing, although the music on here is most likely played better and more together than what happened around my uncle’s house. You can’t help but love “You Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around.”

The Drover’s Old Time Medicine Show, P.O. Box 1153, Central, SC 29630

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