The Microphones

The Microphones



The sound and feel of this makes me want to say these are home recordings, even when the insert plainly says “recorded at Dub Narcotic & the Business.” Phil Elvrum is responsible for the songs and I would say he did it all himself if there weren’t an extensive list of people who helped him out. Nonetheless, that’s the vibe I get from this — bedroom pop written and recorded on whatever’s handy by someone just filled with the need to get their songs down on tape. Lo-fi but still sounding good, there are songs that have their quirks (“Monsters”) and songs that just shimmer with goodness (“Oh Anna”). A diverse collection of sounds — here’s some fuzziness, there some sparseness, some great yet annoying electronic tones — tied together by a love for recording equipment (songs like “Tests” and “PreAmp”) and honest melody.

Elsinor, P.O. Box 5463, Bellingham, WA 98227;

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