7 Seconds

7 Seconds

Lakewood Amphitheater Atlanta, GA • 7/29/99

You have to wonder about the state of punk rock in general when a fine band of old Calpunks (jeez, it’s almost 20 years!) such as 7 Seconds gets stuck on the “bus stage” (a much smaller stage than the two main stages, the backstage area of which was an old bus), while idiots like Molotov (only mentioned because they are so deserving of your contempt; sorry, but yelling “Puta!” over and over atop some third rate rap backing does not constitute anything more than an invitation to be gobbed on in my book) end up on the mainstage. Hopefully this was only because of the vaunted “no stars” Warped policy, and 7 Seconds will have their turn at other tour stops.

Despite the broiling heat, lead singer Kevin Seconds exhorted the crowd to form a pit, as well as gave a great anti-sexism rave against some of the “show us your tits” stupidity reportedly happening on the Warped tour by some other bands. If the solid, poppy hardcore and right-thinking wasn’t enough to sell you on 7 Seconds, for you ladies, Kev Seconds was a dead ringer for Art Axelakis (boy, I hope he doesn’t read this!), with a dye job and Van Dyke (sorry, but he’s married). Current record is Good to Go on Side One Dummy, check it out if you like oldschool Cali hardcore.

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