Orange 9mm

Orange 9mm

Central Florida Fairgrounds • 7/30/99

Having just hooked up with the tour in Detroit two weeks ago, not many were aware of the Warped veterans’ presence this year. It is unfortunate that they played on a side stage when by rights they should have been center stage, yet it was a plus to see them in any capacity! The absence of Suicidal Tendencies (due to illness) left only Sevendust and Orange 9mm to get some ears bleeding.

Although their set was viewed by few, the pit was one of the most intense of the day. The boys cranked out staples “Glistening” and “High Speed Chaser” from Driver Not Included , as well as material from their new album, Pretend I’m Human . The set was extra intense as Chaka wailed out like he was performing for 20,000. The only downfall was a near-fight that broke during the ultra-heavy thrashing. Their set also seemed to be a bit short, which made things even more discouraging. Well, such is rock….

Look for Orange 9mm on tour supporting Pretend I’m Human in the coming months. As Chaka put it, “we will be touring indefinitely.”

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