Secret Name


Low’s music is a spellbinding excursion through musical space. Songs evolve unhurriedly, with notes given plenty of room to breathe. The unclutteredness of the music makes the notes they do play that much more important. But more than just being a patient band, their songs are also slow pop gems, well-crafted songs that are beautiful even through the atmospheres of sadness. The minimal instrumentation familiar to Low (guitar/bass/snare and ride) is tastefully accentuated this time around with strings (viola, violin, cello), piano, and optigan. No shock in listening, the new elements are blended in naturally with the old. Secret Name is yet another wonderful album in a series of consistently good albums from Low. I wholeheartedly recommend their entire discography, and implore you to see them live. You can’t go wrong with this band. Breathcatchingly glistening.

Kranky Records, P.O. Box 578743, Chicago, IL 60657

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