Maximum Priest


What? Is Tom Jenkinson paying homage to the ’80s popsicle icon of similar title with his latest maximum-EP? If he is, he’s been quite subtle about it. This latest foray into atmospheric nouveau jazz picks up where Budakhan Mindphone left off, and even features an Autechre take on one of its tracks with the ae mix of “Two Bass Hit”…and a brooding, audio version of the French Open it is, at that. Ecclesiastic leanings are exemplified by “Song: Our Underwater Torch” with its echoing sewer drip and churchy pipes, and pop up elsewhere on occasion. “Decathalon Oxide” and “Circular Flexing” pick up the drum ‘n bass pace, while the mellow “You’re Going Down” showcases the fancy bass fretwork of our renaissance man for the millenium. The cycle is completed by Wagonchrist’s remix of “Shin Triad,” allowing for a good old bop to a meatier beat. Squarepusher is quite justified in his piety. Let us pray for more from him soon.

Nothing Records, 40 West 57th St., 22nd Floor, New York, NY 10019

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