Suran Song in Stag

Suran Song in Stag

Pure Agitator

Cruel Music/Parasol

“Let’s make my mom sing Fugazi songs” is what came over the next cubicle as Suran Song in Stag’s “Blue Print” was playing. Certainly, their approach is unconventional — vocalist Suran Song has a fine voice, pure and with a great range of pitch and emotion, while bassist William P Weiss III fuzzes along in the background. The rest of the band was told to close the drawers and pack their bags long ago, because Song and Weiss seem to be very aware of each other and fill out the sound beautifully without needing more musicians to fill in the spectrum. Their lyrics are interesting too, playing upon thought and sound (“Tryst Trying Trust”) most enjoyably. The back cover is Bowie’s “Star.” Not for every pair of ears, but very interesting, yes.

Parasol Records, 202 S. Lynn St., Urbana, IL 61801;

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